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Public anger as air pollution in Western Balkan cities worsens

por Ambrose Wilfred (19-02-2021)

A declining birth rate and among the highest life expectancies made Japan the first country with more than a fifth of its population aged 65 or older by 2006.

By 2050, that number is projected to exceed 35 percent.

The air quality index measured by the U.S.

Embassy in Sarajevo hit 383 on Tuesday, a level identified by the World Health Organisation (WHO) as hazardous to health and almost ten times the average. In Pristina, the index registered 415 on Monday night and marked air quality in several Macedonian towns as very poor.

ZAGREB, Feb 19 (Reuters) - Croatia's plans for a floating liquefied natural gas (LNG) terminal on the Adriatic island of Krk require a final investment decision by June if it is to hit a 2020 start target, the managing director of project manager LNG Hrvatska said on Monday.

"But this time, heat has become such a big topic. As it is extremely important to have something to drink on hand, we've decided to let people bring in one bottle each." (Reporting by Kiyoshi Takenaka; Editing by Hugh Lawson)





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In 2013, Japan's Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications estimated there to be 8.2 million abandoned homes, reports. Aussie Home Loans boss John Symond warns of property...

'Akiya' means 'vacant' or 'abandoned' in Japanese, and the properties tend to be in rural areas as regional areas of the country see an exodus of young people destined for city living.

"When we wash our white clothes and put them outside to dry them, very often we have to clean them again because of the dust," Besim Sllamniku, who lives near the power plants, told Reuters.

The International Olympic Committee said last month that the marathon events will be moved to the far northern city of Sapporo to avoid Tokyo's summer heat.

In August, the swimming leg of a para-triathlon race was cancelled due to high levels of E.coli bacteria found in the water of Tokyo Bay.

According to some, purchasing an 'Akiya' home is deemed 'absolute social failure', but with house prices in Tokyo creeping up (around $790,000 for a new build property in January 2018), it may be an option worth considering for many young families.

Tokyo 2020 official Kaori Akiya said that triple-layer screens will be installed for the 2020 Games, compared with single-layer screens used during the survey, making the area, called Odaiba Marine Park, fit to host the competition.

Kagoshima, Kochi and Wakayama were the front runners with more than 10 per cent of homes in these municipalities vacant, and it is estimated that by 2033 more than 30 per cent of all Japanese homes could be abandoned.

It comes after Ukraine, Bulgaria, Belarus and Russia. Bosnia is number five on the World Health Organisation (WHO) list of the deadliest countries for air pollution with 92 deaths in every 100,000 citizens due to pollution.

TOKYO, Nov 15 (Reuters) - A survey of the water in Tokyo bay, where the swimming leg of the triathlon will be held in the 2020 Olympics, produced mixed results, with excess levels of E.coli bacteria recorded on one day, even in areas protected by underwater screens, the organisers said on Friday.