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As impact wrenches continue to get more popular due to their versatility, use of use, and sheer power, more folks are concerned about how to maintain their precious tools. How can you maintain your impact wrench? Let’s find out.

It is vital to maintain your impact wrench. Although the very idea of maintenance cannot preclude the need to actually put in the effort, the effort you apply now can save you a whole lot of stress and money down the line. This tool does many jobs for you, so the least you can do to reward all the hard work it does is a little maintenance now and then. Here are some maintenance tips for you.

First, use only the compatible sockets and bits. If you use wrong sockets or bits, probably in an effort to save cost or some other reason, it can seriously damage your tool. Parts will begin to break down. In fact, in some cases, it can lead to severe injuries and accidents.

Next, treat your valuable tool as a valuable tool. This means treating it with care. Do not bang it on surfaces or drop it from heights. Dragging it will also be detrimental. After each session, untangle cords and clean them. If the cords appear damaged, do not use it! 

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Clean your tool and any accessories regularly. This seems to be a general rule of thumb for everything. Always ensure your tools are clean. If you fail to clean, you are inviting dust. This can clog parts and reduce the efficiency of your tool. Do not leave them in freezing cold or hot temperatures. Any moving parts of your tool should also be lubricated appropriately. This will help the wrench work better.

Geariz contains more tips on maintenance. Read the wonderful articles there and save your impact wrench from wear and tear.